A Play Out in the Night


I just finished reading “Diffendoofer Day” with Brix while Shalin deadlifted in the garage.

Then something called me, so I went.

And as I walk/skip/run to the park down the street under blanket white, through the smell of fires keeping our neighborhood warm and snuggly, I dream – – – of hanging and swinging from wet bars in the dim light of street lamps. Some dipping too with the crisp night air and a hung inversion or three or six. What I need I already had when I made my way where I always am; here, it’s happening. The dream’s been all along.

OJ and a bit of theanine, and an aspirin. I’ve read that fruit or simple sugars in general help preserve muscle mass [especially when enjoyed before/after stress (i.e. training)]; and my experience has seemed to show this! Aspirin?… is so wonderful * I love her * she’s such a good friend * from time to time I take her in…

Greats: Feet, wiggliness, playstructure apparatuses, open air

Sense Ops:
(Ideas for playing out of mind & into sense)
Feeling the ground and feet making art
∞ Feeling (link to feel post in insta) the grip of the bar or rings or tree branches
∞ Smelling, tasting the air
∞ Taking in the treescape or peculiarities of the sky or a few blades of grass
∞ Noticing a symphony of sounds going on in any direction
∞ Sensing this “you”, as a moving skeleton in space, perhaps with the “third eye” above, unaffectedly looking on

• Strolling: a walk to and from
• Hanging: It was a bit of hanging in the beginning and a bit of hanging at the end. A meditation of sorts, actually… just hanging.
• One arm hangs: A hang on each arm, just to practice some other monkeyness
• Hanging inversions: because what would a playground afterdark be without a bit of upsidedownness.
• Dips: I’m getting back into doing dips (they’ve long been a favorite of mine); tonight it was concentric only (five or so sets) because on my first dip I noticed a ton of soreness going down (presumably from Saturday’s sesh). Going concentric (upward portion) only,ought to I think give me neural practice of the movement without chewing up too much muscle.
• Bar Walks: propping myself up on the parallel bars and walking across seemed fun so I did a round or two.
• Horizontal holding: I found out last Saturday I had the perfect wingspan for the circular monkey bars at this park, to practice holding myself up iron-cross style (a very poor man’s version). This is extremely challenging for me and gives me a lot of raw joy.
Whatever The Hell You Feel to do, do! The menu above is a list of a few ideas, based on a recent trip of mine (above); but out in the wild on your terms, curiosity will probably excite you somewhere new. Let!

Check out the menu, in caricatures (on Instagram, here)

The How or Why of the What:

I’ve been on a kick recently to explore more of the monkeyness in me – which means in practical lingo more hanging, climbing, pull-ups, propping myself up, bar work in general, crawling around, swinging on things, picking stuff up, monkeying, etc. I want to take a dip in a strength reservoir that for me has been mostly untapped.

As for a mode to the madness, I’ve been experimenting with a “Leave Something In The Tank” approach for all sets and bouts of training. Got this idea from an interview by Tim Ferriss with Pavel (chairman of StrongFirst, Inc.), who talks about Eastern Bloc weightlifters of the 70’s and 80’s who never even got close to maxing  out in training yet broke and still hold [apparently] Olympic Records for many different weight classes. The idea is that I can lift weights, sprint, train, do pull ups, etc. anytime I wish, and get stronger (greasing the neural pathway of various movements) without the risk of overtraining. It’s going well and jives with a comment I heard a friend make regarding what he called a principle in Tai Chi called “70%”, which in effect, I guess, says “Give 70% effort and never stop improving; give 100% and never improve.” Why this might be so powerful an approach could be a separate post, at some point.

In a similar vein, I’ve also been experimenting with breathing just through the nose during Zenso. Sometimes I happily forget that I’m wanting to do this, during a mad dash through the hills or a wild dose of swinging a bell, but for the most part my loose rule on work/rest intervals has been: if I have to open my mouth to breathe, it’s time to dial back the duration of action or simply rest – in order to continue nose breathing. The idea, contrary to “common” notions, is that I don’t want to lose a tremendous amount of CO2! Nor do I want crazy lactic acid buildup!


A little straus ice cream; salt & gelatin in a shot of espresso; a hot shower; bed.


The next Antigym Open (group Zenso) is on Thursday, January 25th at the park behind Del Paso Manor Elementary…

Also, follow Zenso on Twitter for live status of upcoming Opens.