Can you imagine life… without movement ?!

If you’re into mad dashing or picking up strange,
dense objects (and chucking them!), or hanging
or climbing or carrying or crawling in the open
then Zenso. If you dig layin’ on the earth, perhaps
making slow, sweet love of subtle movement; or
curious strolls through the hills, then Zenso. If you’re
down for the drug… of an unplug, or the rhyme…
of unwind, then Zenso. Does it feel good? Zenso.

Why practice & treasure movement?
Without it, we couldn’t eat oysters or drink coffee.
Or think. Or pee or poop or explore our animalism.
So, we move to… 1) be alive 2) cogitate 3) play

Is being a tonic?
It certainly can be. Drink up!

Can I do Zenso on my own?
Yes but “alone” doesn’t mean apart.

Why The Antigym?
Because gyms have walls.

Are you anti gyms?
Not necessarily. Some gyms are awesome. We’ve
thrown a lot of weights around.. inside. That said,
outside is just too rich to ignore.

Do you love your belly?
Yes. It is us.

How can we do group Zenso?
Get a curious bunch together & drop the pebble:
No one cares how many pushups you do or how well
you hinge your hips, or if you did your hair – or even
if you have hair. Tap in here… or anywhere.

Do privately led outings cost $$?
Yes. $80 per group. Email DB to arrange. Availability
may be impacted (existing clientele & other demands
like fatherhood, husband-ing, & teaching Maths).

Are there any testimonials?
Yes. Here.

Does Zenso have an instagram?
Yes. Here.

Can I buy “The Antigym” magnet for my car?
Yes you can buy one. Or 200. They’re sitting
in our closet, ready to be shipped. Purchase here.

Is it just about strength with kettlebells?
No. Kettlebells aren’t special.

Do you like traversing stairs or sprinting hills?
Yes. We love both.

What is the Zenso mission?
Play Outside.

Does Zenso have any slogans?
Yes, three:
* Slay The Guilt Dragon *
* Ride The Wave *
* Rebels Without A Pause *

What is the Zenso vision?
Put the gym culture
and culture in general
to bed. Goodnight –
out of business.
Make your own damn culture.

Who else writes on the pages of this epic?
Everyone. But particularly, this lovely woman.

What is zen ?
So no one knows.
We’re too busy talking about it.
Talking about what?
When I asked Brix of zen, he returned to me
a priceless, perplexing grin. And I knew,
right then. Ah ha! But now it’s not the same.
And when I asked my wife, she said,
“Just do whatever you’re doing,
make it play –
in a not-know kind of way.”
What? How? And she returned,
“Love, you’re so curious —
don’t take zen… so serious!”