How Great… is being ?!?!

“Zenso” ?
Has the whole world gone mad? Or just I?! I’m not
sure how or why – – – – – – but all we have… is
this! I have to be mad I have to be wild I have to give
up to experience, is it “Zen”? We needn’t know – in
the cosmic glow we go – “enso”, the Japanese word
for circle  ’round ‘n ’round  an assertion of feeling
where appreciation of the moment takes over and
“the mind is free to let the body create”… an at once
simple yet complex branding put just the way it is in
endless varieties of personal expression. Author
Audrey Yoshiko wrote of this playfully serious art
evoking “power, dynamism, charm, humor, drama,
and stillness.” Yada yada it all sounds so Zenso.

Is it for me ?
Jesus, Herman, YES! I mean, hell, if you wish for
space – to discover what you are – aka absurdia –
if you’re into celebrating the isness → by way of
a mad dash, or in picking up strange, dense objects
[& chucking them!], or generally exhilarative acts
in the wide open … you know, those sorts of things.
Or if you dig just layin’ on the earth, perhaps
making slow love of subtle movement, or enjoying
a curious stroll through the hills, then YES! YES! YES!
Really if you’re down for the drug, of an “unplug”, or
the rhyme of unwind, or just bein’ outside, then YES!

Is being actually a tonic?
Of course it is. And I’ll add: often quite riddly.

Can I do Zenso on my own?
Yes; but “alone” is probably wick wapp dabble dip.

Why The Antigym?
Because gyms have walls.

Do you love your belly?
Yes. It is me. I also love coffee with maple syrup
& carroting – or playing wrastle-ga-choo – & feet!

How can I do “The Antigym Open”?
Check “events” on this site and… just show up.
It’s a friendly bunch of no one cares how many
pushups you do or how well you hinge your hips, or if
you did your hair – or even if you have hair.
Although free, some donate.

Will I get private coaching at The Antigym Open?
Not really. DB has loads of practice
“coaching” individuals & groups but TAO is about
letting experience teach. There’ll be a loose “plan”
for each PlayOut, & some words on safe going,
but No Rules. It’s open Zenso any way you feel,
at your own risk! Waiver signing required.

Can I get small group or 1 on 1 training?
Yes. At a cost. DB has limited availability due to a
regular schedule with long-standing clients & other
demands (like fatherhood, husband-ing, & teaching
Maths to HS students). Email him here to arrange.

Are there any testimonials?
Yes. Here.

Does Zenso have an instagram?
Yes. Here.

Can I buy “The Antigym” magnet for my car?
You can buy one. Or 200. They’re sitting in our
closet, ready to be shipped. Click here to purchase.

What is zen?
So no one knows.
We’re too busy talking about it.
Talking about what?
When I asked Brix of zen, he returned to me
a priceless, perplexing grin. And I knew,
right then. Ah ha! But now it’s not the same.
And when I asked my wife, she said,
“Just do whatever you’re doing,
make it play –
in a not-know kind of way.”
What? How? And she returned,
“Love, you’re so curious —
don’t take zen, so serious!”