The New Name of Fitness
Strength is not some objective, holdable thing;
it’s a feeling. And it comes in all different shapes
& sizes & styles & chillabilities. The fitness we’ve been sold
is worn out. Focusing on numbers & trying to be like such & who
& labeling every little dittle & putting everyone in some box
is not working for those billions of us who want to feel healthy,
but just feel bad, while looking into the mouth of a “culture”
that makes A FUCKTON of $$$ off our not being good enough.
And we try harder. And it doesn’t work. Look here, fitness is dead.
How about less “What is your new PR, girl?” & more learning
to Ride The Wave of the great and the $hitty. You know,
imposing curious demands on ourselves ON PURPOSE
for the sake of becoming more existentially relevant.
Exploring movement for the sake of exploring what it damn means… to be human.
And dancing with all this nonsense, I mean jazz – down & dirty, Up & inseparably
with the birds & the trees in the rainy & endlessly ebby,
flowy, ocean of being, pretty-much-mostly outside.

What is zen?