David Butterworth has been a motivational and healthy addition to my life. Butter and I have had various training sessions together; Run Wild, Private Training, Testing online training and I have to say it has all been an incredible experience. Butter takes you as you are: mind, body, and soul and helps you be YOU! And at the end of the day that’s exactly what we each need. Thank you Butter!

Yolanda Faye, San Francisco, California

Training with David, I felt I finally had the ability to tap into my inner athlete as he introduced me to a more dynamic way of training. The diversity of his training sessions coupled with his energy of presence allows you to get to know yourself every session and excel at whatever it is. Above all, it’s his positive direction and genuineness to see you for who you are that sets David apart from any other “trainer”.

Alyssa Coates, Sacramento, CA

I am a fairly active person, but before this, working out and going to the gym felt like a chore; it was monotonous and unfulfilling. I didn’t realize health could be fun until I began doing “Zenso”. It’s relaxed, positive, and motivating. When I’m here I am rewarded by feeling physically AND mentally stronger. Butter is genuine, experienced and always willing to address questions I have related to training, nutrition, etc. Now instead of dreading the gym, I look forward to flying around outside!

Brianne O’Rourke, Sacramento, CA

The idea of bootcamp was super intimidating to me on my first day of “practice”. I work out a lot but had never done a formal “bootcamp.” Luckily David was leading it and it wasn’t a bootcamp at all – it was a blast! We worked hard, and smart – and got an incredible training effect each time, but mainly had a ton of fun. He was available for nutritional thoughts, which was a huge bonus, but he never told you what to do – instead offering alternative perspectives for you to check out on your own if you were into it. Our group became a little family and something I always looked forward to doing instead of dreading “working out.”

Danielle Tomlinson, Austin, TX

I trained with Butter for 4 months (unfortunately had to stop when I moved for a job) however, it was the first time I could actually see results in my body. Not only did I see the physical changes but I felt better, more energized and by far much stronger! Training with Butter changed more than just my physical appearance, I learned to love getting up early and accomplishing so much before the rest of the world was awake! Even now, eight months post move, I have yet to have a similar training experience.

Samantha Richards, San Francisco, CA

The 8 months I spent training Butterworth style was the strongest I have ever been in my entire life and the most quality training I have ever had. He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and knows how to get results. No practice is ever boring and he crafted the chance for me to know myself every time – in just the way that was right for me.

Julie Crawford, Davis, CA

Dave is the epitome of “fitness” and “fitness training”. Not only does his training yield results, but each session is a transfer of knowledge, teaching you how and why the exercises are effective. Most importantly, Dave makes strength training fun and engaging, so a practice is no big deal. I recommend Dave without hesitation and would still be training with him today if we were in the same city.

Andrew Rutkowski, Austin, TX

David Butterworth is the best trainer I’ve ever had. He not only is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of strength training, but he has a unique way of tapping into each individual’s motivating factors to maximize results. I would recommend David to anyone I cared about who wants a positive experience in training.

Ananda Moss-Byas, Austin, TX

Most of my life I have struggled with “diet and exercise,” and was overweight well into my early 20’s.  One day I decided to make a conscious change in the way I lead my life and began living a healthy active lifestyle. However, I felt as though my workout regimen reached a plateau. After, training with David over the last year I have gained strength, mobility, and confidence. I am finally realizing the changes in my body that I thought were unattainable. It doesn’t happen overnight, it is what you put into it, and David regularly reminds you “abs are made in the kitchen.” Zenso is never boring. It’s fun, energetic and inspiring. The thought never crosses my mind, “I’ll just go next time.” Because you never know what you’re going to miss! Zenso is more than just a community, it is a state of mind.

Sara Garcia, Sacramento, CA

My experience with Zenso is all about movement and definitely not “exercise” or “fitness” because, ya know, the ideas behind those words just kinda suck. The focus is on natural, primal movement patterns such as the hinge, squat, bend, walk/jog/skip/run, push/pull. There’s practice through the warm up with things like “getting up off the ground and getting back down again” (because as David says, “It’s vital that we are able to do this kind of thing forever”). I was asked to carry and swing kettle bells, because being able to pick things up and carry heavy shit is also a pretty important “life” thing. Zenso is about QUALITY movement and “don’t care if your rep is one or ten or twenty-seven.” It’s an open, non-judgmental, encouraging space for each person to explore how they move and practice towards moving more comfortably.

Deborah Simms, Sacramento, CA

As a former professional athlete I was looking for elite training to help take my now amateur game to the next level. After only a few sessions training under David’s direction I had the technique, tools, and confidence to play and compete at a fitness level unmatched in my previous career!

Nate Boyden, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zenso is the best “training” there is! Be stronger, run faster, look better, …

David Dodds, Sacramento, CA

I have been to a lot of “boot camps” and work out classes in my time, and this Zenso is not like any of them. The trainer, David Butterworth, knows his stuff. And he makes the class enjoyable – you don’t even know you have trained for an hour when the class is over, because it is fun. Fun to be outside, fun to be with great people, and fun to work your body in great, healthy ways! Love this!

Julie Weckstein, Sacramento, CA

David Butterworth (Zenso) is a knowledgeable, positive and generally outstanding trainer.
His outlook on life, as well as his excellence in training each individual with compassion and strength, make going to his workouts (or one-on-one trainings) a memorable experience. You will rethink your outlook and approach to fitness thanks to his vision.

Linda Bernachi, Davis, CA

In a world filled with sheep and wolves, Butters is a sheep dog. I get the work out needed to feel good and de-stress, but don’t feel taken advantage for when it comes to my wallet. Every second spent is worth it and every penny is well spent. What i love about his workouts are the differentiation of the work out levels. You can work out at your pace or follow him as he goes. There are some days where I switch and I love the fact that I have that choice. I also love the location where he chooses to meet. I always feel more relaxed after every Zenso.

JJ Sandoval, Sacramento, CA

My strength has gone through the roof just practicing simple, effective movements – and always outside which is the best feeling by itself. The environment is relaxed and welcoming to all “fitness” levels and the whole family. Everyone is encouraged to listen to their own unique guidance system first and ask questions next, without a ton of silly rules to get in the way. The Antigym is always a shot in the arm just when I need it.

Sam Donaldson, Sacramento, CA

In the ten years that we’ve been implementing a behavioral engagement strategy to improve the health and well-being of individuals and organizations, we’ve encountered a wide range of “wellness” providers.  Most promote virtually interchangeable “diet and exercise” strategies that are based on the self-serving fallacy that, without their products or services, the individual is powerless to take charge of their personal health. The sole, welcome exception is David Butterworth’s Zenso. It eschews the expensive, cumbersome and ultimately ineffective “bells and whistles” promoted by traditional wellness practitioners and instead creates a positive, non-judgmental, “nuts and bolts” opportunity that places the locus of control squarely where it belongs—with the individual.  It is the anti-diet, anti-exercise alternative that celebrates, rather than demeans individual strength, character and empowerment. The Zenso strategy succeeds because it focuses on processes rather than outcomes, carefully manages expectations, and instills the self-belief that healthier behaviors can be learned, adopted, shared and sustained. David Butterworth’s Zenso is the only personal strategy for well-being we have encountered that is fully compatible with our behavior-based engagement initiative and it has our enthusiastic endorsement.

Jay Seifert, Co-founder of, LoneStartNow, Dripping Springs, TX

I’ve never felt more motivated and inspired to live healthy! David is a knowledgeable, energetic and positive presence. I highly recommend his “coaching” – towards your physical and mental well being!

Danielle Eckert, Sacramento, CA

I always know it’s going to be a great experience, and I’ll learn something I can apply to making my life more… what it is – in a crazy, fun environment of Zenso. It works for me on so many levels.

Bill Learned, Sacramento, CA

Almost a year ago a friend asked me to do a morning workout with her. The problem for me was that it was at 5:30am. What? Are you crazy? I don’t even like to exercise!
10 months later I’ve missed only a few Zenso experiences, and I’m truly sad when I do.
Zenso is everything I ENJOY – being outside, with fun people and an amazingly positive, encouraging and thoughtful person in Butter. Right now I know I am stronger, better in many ways and so much happier – as a result of Zenso.

Lisa Haas, Davis, CA

This is the place for you. It’s not a work-out, it’s not like that here! I got so strong & felt so good, I cannot wait to get started again.

Karen Mo, Davis, CA

David’s training & coaching takes your physical health to a different level….period. He provides an opportunity at every outing that is truly fun, despite the physical challenges. I have never met anyone who has made me look forward to the camaraderie of a group session and has the ability to make us laugh (and whine or cry) at the same time. Even as an athlete, he pushed me to new levels of strength and agility, all the while tackling the varied fitness abilities of each and every teammate.

Wendy Benner, Davis, CA

David is personable and has a lot of energy and integrity. In my career as a firefighter, I’ve participated in several different types of training regimes and maintained a variety of “workouts.” I’ve worked with many personal trainers, I can say that David is one of the best and the results that he gets out of you are truly incredible.

Greg Bellim, Davis, CA

The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race. I had been attending “boot camps”, gyms, and trainers for a couple of years. I had assumed I had reached my finish line. I was burnt out. That was two years ago. I started a new routine with David “Butters” Butterworth and my life changed. Every day was a new day, new practices and new pieces of inspiration. I realized on day one, my finish line was only my new starting line. 
I have been through NUMEROUS trainers/coaches, only found one that I would stick with. Butters, thank you for reinvigorating my life through your guidance!

Stephen Remmert, Austin, TX

There is no exaggeration when I say…..
Sharing time with David for a single session is more valuable than a six month gym membership.  He strategically combines simple, but effective exercises to help improve strength and mobility. Every session is different, so I never get bored.

John Yao, Sacramento, CA

In the past, I’ve always been a bit insecure exercising but Zenso is a place that feels good. I know no one is judging. David’s spirit is contagious so we laugh a lot and that is one of my favorite things to do – laugh!
The approach is unique. It’s not about how many you can do, it’s how you do it. I know I have become stronger than I have ever been through David’s training. After every Zenso, I feel energized and good about myself. It’s ok if I can only do 3 “elevators”; David makes a point to let you know it’s ok. We know many of the exercises are simple – and David reminds us, “simple is not always easy”. As my entire family knows, I love David! How could you not?!:-)

Sarbjit Nahal, Davis, CA

In the nine months since I joined The Antigym, I have noticed increased strength throughout my body, I am sprinting much faster and for a longer distance, my posture is better, and my body is changing…for the better. I joined Zenso at 62 and I have become a bad-ass along with the rest of the group I do it with. I look forward to our scheduled experiences and especially love the Riverfront venue on Saturdays. This is the very best way to start my weekend. The Butterworths inspire me… the most enjoyable experience getting in and staying in shape that I have ever had. Love Zenso.

Sharon Cooney, Sacramento, CA

David Butterworth is an excellent trainer who knows how to help you develop strength and agility at the pace that’s right for you. He is very efficient too, so that in an hour your whole body gets a strong but safe workout. I’m stronger and in better shape than ever.

Alessa Johns, Davis, CA

I signed up for a “bootcamp” thinking I was going to be flipping giant tires while a drill sergeant trainer was screaming in my ear to do better, I had never really committed to training so I was already insecure that I would be the weakest link and look like a fool trying to work out with everyone. I was completely wrong. Thankfully I signed up to be a part of this. I was greeted with a smile and a high five and the most positive attitude I’ve ever encountered at 5:30 in the morning [at the time]. I learned from David to take it one move at a time. As the weeks went by I felt myself getting stronger and I never once felt like I was competing with anyone there. David aired the importance of doing 1 qualitative anything as opposed to 20 crappy ones. Our experiences are always fun, I never had a problem waking up that early in the morning because I never felt like I was going to work out. I had tried other “bootcamps” that I felt were just phoning it in I hated going. With this our sessions were always imaginative and used every muscle in your body. I noticed I was moving more on the off days and challenging myself with the things I had learned from David. You will notice results, be encouraged, and have fun doing it. Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy and I believe your training with David could be the start of that.

Katie Thompson, Sacramento, CA

After training with David, I left feeling stronger and more alive then I did after any other “workout.” He was so supportive and encouraging the word “can’t” was never in my vocabulary. His motivation went much further then the time we spent working out – he would give me wake up calls and send me diet tips – whatever I needed to be successful. Nothing he did ever felt like an obligation, he wants you to be whatever it is that makes you feel good and will do everything he can to help you reach this end (on your own).

Liz Gransee, Sacramento, CA

David Butterworth is a fantastic trainer. His knowledge of technique combined with nutrition is phenomenal. He is encouraging, yet disciplined.

Amanda Worrell, Austin, TX

I enjoy working out with David. I love the positive and fun atmosphere he creates to make me feel like a welcome member of any group. It’s amazing and addictive. I definitely saw great results!

Megan Garth, Sacramento, CA

David Butterworth makes working out fun! He has such a positive attitude it’s contagious. I always leave his sessions ready to attack the day and take on the world.

Bonnie Moss-Byas, Austin, TX

Zenso, maybe like meditation or Feldenkrais or floshing or an au lait con panna on a mid-morning Sunday, appears to be a way to energize hedonism without hurting anybody. In fact, this kind of planned-into-your-life chance to be spontaneously accepting – & intelligent enough to craft pleasure into being, right here – may end up triggering in our subsequent actions the exact opposite of maleficence or carelessness.

DB, Founder, Zenso, Wherever, X