A half an aspirin, a tonic…

And doing some Zenso?



(But if you ask later, I may say: “Nope.”)


And other thoughts regarding:

D a i l y   S o m e t h i n g s


Slay The Guilt Dragon







The idea of stimulative living, free of the promulgation of some “correct” version, is I think similar to Moshe Feldenkrais‘ commentary on his Awareness Through Movement lessons:

We do a big mixture [of movements and ways]; we don’t want any routine for the human brain… so that when it does start “a routine” it is the best one it can do, and it is open to revision with any change [at any time], in circumstances [which call for one], in order to make life easier [more pleasurable, more intriguing, etc.]

Here’s an example of routine/repetition destroying the brain:

Running Marathons Shrinks The Brain

The explanation for the shrinkage?

“…the dull experience of running monotonously and seeing the same scenery over and over again.”


Whatever we are, can I think be slowly crushed, if routinized. We are it seems not robots but humans. Although sometimes we may feel or appear otherwise, it’s valuable to be able to remind ourselves:

“I can choose… some alternate way… at any point.”

Perhaps it involves listening to what seems to be happening now – without forcing a rigid “want” upon circumstance – and riding this wave to grow rich the creative life; and bloom days of play or wonder.

Making an effort to learn how to use techniques of food, hormones, light, activity, etc., is similar to the effort needed to work with a psychologist, and the effort itself is part of the therapy—the particular orientation of the psychotherapist isn’t what’s therapeutic, it’s the ability to participate in meaningful interactions, that is, the ability to provide a situation in which the person can practice being human. When people start thinking about the things in their life that can be changed, they are exercising aspects of their organism that had been atrophied by being in an authoritarian culture. Authoritarians talk about protocols, but the only valid ‘protocol’ would be something like ‘perceive, think, act.

 ~ Raymond Peat


Below are some behavioral wick-wacks Shalin & I have doped around – but we hope not ever, in the same way twice (and always changing).


↑ Farmers or suitcase carry [ kettlebell(s)]

→ Conscious or otherwise BU behavior

↓ Squatitation as transitionalistic meditation,
or as movement luxury

← Own your choices.
IOW: How does it seem, I, am doing here?

↑ Play with your “self”, whenever!

→ Let curiosity¿ (re: the how of what you do)

↓ Experiment with anything

← Say sub[ – or not sub -]vocally:
How Great is ________ (fill-in-the-blank) right now?!?!

↑ Walk walk walk walk.

→ Move your body through a dancing between feet and earth,
often and sensualistically,
as mode to go places and do things,
and as mode of no-mode-at-all

↓ Let enamoration of own workings fill thoughts on regular basis; it seems: acceptance allows for cool, deep awareness, which then makes way for experimentation of nicer ways of holding / carrying oneself through zenialities of living.

← Eat when you’re hungry – mindfully, reverentially so;
drink when you feel it’s right for you.

↑ Practice making “heavyish” things seem easier/lighter

→ Think of anything you do as that which can be done thoughtfully – that is, with into-it-ness; and with pleasure!

↓ Lay on earth daily as habit
(& squirrel around or writhe happily, perhaps)

← Read something.
↑ Write something.
→ Listen to something.
↓ Any. Damn. Day.

← Sleep.

↑ Be outside.

→ Turn off electronics & wifi by Dark-Thirty!

↓ Practice ways to lower serotonin levels;
← Practice experimentalism.

↑ When in doubt, choose:
over exhaustive

→ Ground.

↓ Lay.

← Mozë.

↑ Entertain DEATH reflection.

→  Zenso, naturally.

↓ Feldy or free-feldy, before bed or upon waking or anytime.

The list, it appears will never end,
and may always be different than it was


Possible reminder(s):

Do some thing, but probably many things, DAILY, that are not routine.

Enjoy flux… because it may be life.


As an afterside, Shalin & I have thought of many “elevator pitches” or “descriptos” or whatever-the-have-yous, for Zenso. As in, what the hell is Zenso? Like if we run into a random person or meet someone new, and they ask.

Here are some running responses:


z1: Exploring Strength and Movement Outside
z2: Strength Development and Movement Meditation Outside
z3: Strength Development and Movement Medicine Outside
z4: Stimulative Being [Outside], & perhaps a kettlebell or two
z5: The medicine of being outside, & perhaps a kettlebell or two
z6: movement antidepressionism
z7: a cocktail of movement, being, and a kettlebell or two
z8: antidepressionistic chow of movement & being [outside] with maybe a kettlebell or two
z9: wiping out any notion of what is, to go looking
z10: going to look for ungraspable is-lets, through movement & a kettlebell or two
z11: the drug of being [outside], & perhaps a kettlebell or two
z12: going outside [the box of what culture has [tried] to fit you in] and literally, too, going outside
z13: It’s not a gym; it’s the antigym
z14: It’s not fitness; it’s Zenso
z15: It’s not a workout; it’s Zenso
z16: meditation in movement with a kettlebell


But still, what in Herman’s name is the point, of trying to come up with a stationary, for a kind of descriptionless, moving cocktail of being, listening, sensing, feeling, thinking, & poetrying [with a kettlebell]??!?!??!

By the very nature of what seems to be process, it seems to be ungraspable – and un-noun-able.

verbly trip ~


As soon as I have called it anything or believe it is something, or try to fit it into some idea of what I’ve imagined it to be prior to now, then I’ve closed off what it could be here, today, in this next step, as whatever it is, goes along, unfolding…