antigym summer package (2017)

Zenso Refresher 

Six weeks.
June 5th
  July 14th.
Three days per week. 
Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays.
5pm (in Davis).
7pm (in Sacramento).



Mondays & Thursdays
Strength w/ a Kettlebell
+ Locomotive Expressivity

Basic instruction & classic Zenso doings, with aim… of no aim. Strength related behavior prioritized over fluff, in the vein of stimulative action vs. exhaustive exercise.


Personal experience, plus a great deal of literature [smittacher], supports the idea that fat-loss and general well-being can be found optimally, by the simple, regular habit of walking (and limiting exposure to [unnecessary] stress). So, walking, to us, is medicine – and an integral component of any Zenso series.


Because there seems to be so much more to all of THIS than THAT…

On Friday of the third week we’re hosting an affogato affair.  Ice cream?  Coffee? Um, yes.

On Friday of the sixth week we’re hosting a wine & cheese gallimaufry.


In Davis, we’re thinking Mace Ranch or Slide Hill Park, or the west end of the Arboretum.

In Sacramento, East Portal Park.

Regardless, the antigym meet-ups will transpire in shaded areas; and someone said “tonic, please”, so fine: tonics.

How long?

Expect about an hour of your evening(s).



Acquiring and/or bringing your own kettlebell, for Mondays & Thursdays, would be awesome, although not required.


Any results from said Zenso seem to, in most cases, simply take care of themselves; you’ll have to experience this for yourself maybe!


We run the antigym primarily on donations; however, due to deemed value of Zenso for six weeks plus additional costs, we suggest a donation of at least $150 per person.


To maximize benefit, we are only going to run the Zenso re-fresh in Davis and Sacramento, if we can get enough donating participants for each city.   We will be accepting no more than 14 participants per location, so sign up now!

Signing Up

To sign up, simply text David at (530) 400-2152 and let him know you’re in. He’ll then give you instructions on donating. Or go directly to our website to donate now. If you have any other questions, text him with those, too.


Hope to see you on June 5th!

David and Shalin, and Brix