bb xxxv: Never an excuse for boredom

Here I am (I guess) sipping a “Dirty David” while you nap; that’s 1/2 part milk and 1/2 part gelatin-&-maple-syrup-infused coffee, with a dash of pure theanine powder, on crushed ice. Refreshing to me – and espoused with reminiscence →

I love our morning walking, like this morning’s – during which what few words shared were I think worth their weight in recollection:

It doesn’t matter so much what we do, nor where… but HOW ! – that in any act or situation – at least as it seems to me – we have it in us the power to do it or to be it with a touch of fond inspection or an air of being as art. The potentiality present if we can only slow and settle on THIS – – – listening to now as if it were all we have, and crafting with no effort at all such leisure as habit… perhaps making more and more possible, the spontaneous occurrence of feeling great to just be alive

Otherwise known as:

∞ “Aphrodisiacal-Exist-Ability” ∞

I think it’s pretty valuable.


Is not life a hundred times too short for us – to bore ourselves? – Nietzsche