BB xXXvII: Walk Somewhere

I give myself here several minutes, warmed by some red light pointed at the thyroid and breathing softly in a quiet room, to share a not-novel Zenso idea that came to me when I was one.

Walk somewhere.

When I was learning how for the first time – although I don’t exactly remember because it was before my first birthday – I imagine it was a helluva lot of fun, if not just something that had my unwavering attention (and without a cell-phone)!

Our son Brix is a walking exploratoriumonkey these days, reminding me how cool this easy-to-take-for-granted asset is.

Just a walk ——– sparked by curiosity in regards to where we might go and what we might see, or feel.

The habit of locomotioning for several minutes or more a day [with no other purpose than just to enjoy whatever comes of it], can have a profound effect on fat management, mood, and thinking ability. Not surprising! At least to me.

We have been upright creatures moving to get places and do things, for precisely one point billio… a long time; so I’d be willing to bet that regular bipedalism is now part and parcel of happy human biology.

Movement: life. Life: movement.

So does it warrant our cordial attention? Or more attention than we sometimes give it?

Here’s a quote I’ve used somewhere before, by Ray Peat:

While jogging became popular for preventing heart disease, we were frequently told by experts how many miles a person has to run to burn off a pound of fat. However, in Russia, physiologists always remember to include the brain in their calculations, and it turns out that a walk through interesting and pleasant surroundings consumes more energy than does harder but more boring exercise. An active brain consumes a tremendous amount of fuel.


In other news:

I’m again sharing my passion for strength training, with anyone who wishes to schedule. Email to set up. Privates or small groups welcome (this would be for Sacramento or Yolo area residents). You might get suggestions like “stop talking so much” and “try breathing only through your nose for a bit”, or otherwise you’ll get to practice exhilarative actioning, like lifting dense and lovely objects.


Brix, Shalin, and I are under way on the beginning phase of our weightlifting platform / training deck, in the backyard behind the shed and under a shade-giving 200 year old Oak. Other than me spending a few nights amid the moon and a glaring work light, and Shalin wondering how much actual time it will take to construct this f#*!ing thing, it seems that it’ll fit quite nicely with the way we want to live our lives.

For now.



See Zenso posts on Instagram, including the one which pertains to our new building venture.

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