bB xXXvIII: Habit Linking

If you’ve wanted to form the daily habit of walking

or the habit of red light bathing
or the habit of Dark Thirty
or the habit of some fun on the floor before bed
or the habit of making a “great” list in the morn’
or the habit of brachiation
or the habit of after-dinner-dance-parties…

but can’t – or haven’t yet

try linking the habit you wish to form with another habit you already do.

Like for example, make your usual morning coffee with whatever you like to blend with it, and then go for a walk in the neighborhood or by the river (before the day breaks wide open).

Perhaps neuronal connections will be made between coffee and a walk outside, such that after a number of days in a row of this combination, you won’t be able to do one (the coffee), without the other (a walk outdoors).

I’ve done this LINKING with washing our sink full of dishes before bed (a habit I’ve long exercised) and cleaning Pokee’s catbox (a habit I’d wished many times to build, but mostly just found myself disgustedly dumping into the garbage can outside, every several [s e v e r a l] days, the entire catbox of poop and pee clumps and litter).

It was terribly cruel and neglectful of me to have not formed this habit, so the “linking” proved necessary.

Linkage Outlined

Washing Dishes (a habit I was already master of)


Cleaning Pokee Poo-Box (a habit I longed for)


After a week or so of really being mindful about cleaning cat shit after doing the dishes, the linked pathway [in the brain] seemed to have been formed.

Now, I guess four or five months later, it’s basically automated –> that loading dishes and scooping the cat box are the same action.

So Pokee, I’m sure, is much happier.