The best product in the world

Made with Bitpoem:

It seems to us,

the best product in the world,

is YOU.


My 9th grade basketball coach would often tell us:

“Wear that shit like its yours,

like you created it.

Wear it confidently.

Own your youness

like it’s everything you always wanted –

because it’s all you’ve ever been anyway.

Wear that shit like you are it,

not like you just bought it at the store.”


To “labor on”, to fight against what appears to be,

is only perhaps to create the habit of laboring on;

wrought with the feelings of pain in life

it seems this mentality brings.

Though, with-ease

to give up to what is happening

on purpose,

without unnecessary forcing

or extraneous effort

is to seemingly let something more intelligent

play itself out;

“Finding hope in life”

Health seems to be art.

Not some product or program.

We are mad scientists of our own roadshows.

Zenso may be, the state of being

where one assumes ownership over act(s).




The state of mind

of not needing product X or program Y

to be happy.

A big ol’ dose of F*ck You,

to the powers that try to sell the message

that we are not already enough.


The Antigym:

Experimenting in the open,

Doing what feels right,

Digging the process,

and putting gyms

out of business.


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