Awareness Through Zenso

  A    T    Z

Meditation in movement [& maybe a kettlebell]

♥ outside ♥ antidepressionalism ♥


   Awareness Through Zenso:


A T Z design, comes from a Zensoic idea of simple [primal, practical] movements  that can be attended to with curiosity, along with a quality-over-quantity, “no rush” attitude. Time appears to be arbitrary, so some gatherings will be shorter and some longer [than any preset duration]. The flow, and where we go, depend on what’s happening. It may look like:


  1. Priming

This is an opportunity to prepare your “self” (mind/body/being/whatever) for epic, and/or dedicate what transpires, to YOU. Taking the time to create your own kind of momentum for any bout of stimulative behavior, seems to us to be an exceptional idea.


  1. Exploration (Inner)

Simple movements may be explored, with a chance to illuminate what it is we do (and how) — with an internal focus. This may include opportunities to kinesthetically or proprioceptively sense our being, through squatitation, getup play, rolling, bridging, reaching, pick-ups, laying, shifting, looking, rotating, hanging, meandering, or any variation thereof. Etc.! 


  1. Expressionism (Outer)

Simple movements (aka Expressionables) may be prescribed, as possibilities for expression, with the opportunity to hone in on some action — with an external focus.


1 – 6 people can schedule to do A T Z, privately.

Contact either David or Shalin, to do so.


Donations accepted.


It’s not a theory or a method. It’s meditation – just like anything is, if you see it this way.