brainbutter xi: a thing is everything


Answers: are there? Or maybe just you’re it. You’re the answer you ever will look for and someday after looking far and wide, under rocks and inside caves, traveling seas and hiking foreign wonders, and sitting in the backyard shade watching spiders spidering and sipping ginger beer, I’ll feel it without words, “I’m it.”

And then it’ll pass, and someday away from now – another now – perhaps I’ll feel it again and use different words still, to talk about something that goes beyond talking about it. And I’ll smile then, now, or whenever, thinking of your mom and I and you and life, pondering “How great is all this, right here!?”..

Undo what you think you know if you think you want to grow – unravel even the thought of needing to undo anything at all: Belief in anything is the death of intelligence, says Robert Anton Wilson. As soon as you think you know something, you close yourself off to other ways of looking. You stop being curious if you think you know, and what you’ve yet to know never comes.

Curiosity can be:

a dripping-with-affection driver of attention, at least it seems that way to me, a spurring spawning interesting ally, which fuels, I guess, learning that never stops. So don’t! Don’t believe everything – don’t believe anything. And don’t stop being curious – if you don’t want to stop living!

Even what you just read!! Don’t believe it. If it resonates, let it. If not, chuck it to the wind – where words can always go to.

This is what I think [right now] I want you to have. A book that is more of a Throw-this-book-into-a-fire-pit-and-watch-it-burn book, and go walk barefoot at the park, seeing the sun set listening to evening neighborhood sounds. Put nothing to everything or everything to nothing, or anything to anything.