brainbutter xiii: personal responsibility 


To know that you:

can have any attitude you want about anything, or the reaction you have created – your own private or public, self-developed and tinkered with “reality tunnel” as Robert Anton Wilson wrote.

To know that what happens to you is you;

yet still, you get to decide how you view what happens to you

and you get to decide how you feel about what you do.

The way you do things, can be thought of as a personal choice and also perhaps a kind of personal responsibility.

This ownership, or creatorship I like to call it – this art you are of your own living – is pure, 100%, stone-ground priceless!


To be able to ponder over the acts you act, to be able to jolly around like a jelly with a belly if you choose, to be able to pick up a ball and toss it into the air over and over and over and over and over and over and over and never tire of simple pleasurables that life affords at any this – these are hot-button options!