brainbUtter xvii : habits, if you see them happened, happening, or happenstamping your life: ah ha!

To be entrepreneurial

about habits –

before selling them to no one.

They’re not for sale: they’re mine!

See morning sky


the way I see it –

like waking imagination;

If I’m not owning

what’s human

drinking coffee w gelatin, maple, & butter,

If I’m not wondering

what words come next

or letting feet of fingers roam

Then “Dear shoulders creeping hunched, I am your angsting”

never comes. 

Like robot

feign mechanistic

stifled, bumbled path trudged, 

along rivers dried, 

water! Not there

air filled with notes of “heed”


optionality! ! !

To be alive means to see the media messages aimed to control, stupify, and unwit.

To be voracious is to be looking at the subliminal subterfuging of “you’re not enough” and “you need our X to be happy”…


Fuck that. Humanality has nothing to do with deadened senses. A denial of the consumeristic horseshit is confirmable only when we look within and listen. A kiss, then, to only our own feet which give us unalienably the freedom to choose to lose the nasty, divisionalistic mentality. 

It is never the wrong time as we see it, to wake up, go outside, and start the day with a walk amongst naturalistic tendencies – and to be okay… with nothing at all but this. There is no journey there’s only here: and here is what you make it. Creating, cultivating, reverencing; smirkability, smilabilty, laughability, feelability, wonderability, and so much more. 

Feeling can be 

an active, participatory process.

The eyes of the beholder 

are jewelish.

You don’t have to be 

a Rebel without a pause 

to join the cause 

Of living your own damn life

instead of someone else’s. 

I am a craz3d builder of my own designs, 

a xcientist without a plan 

but growing still stronger 

in confidence of who-knows-what, 


My habits are a bundle of what you see as me.

If I wander along, fine, as long as I notice myself wandering with glee or with an air of nonjudgmentality. Or aloofness. Or fascination. Or drive. 

The point is I notice something happening.

And here! 

And then!!!… 

there’s something curious of action next, that I may marvel at something I thought not about before: 

I take a crack at a habit that never crept into a field of possibility yet now imagined; I think anew an adjunct to a constantly fluxing day! A day to day of which my learning of, ceases 


For if I stop stopping to wonder and think, “What is happening now?!”, then away we go into more and more of what is a turning of gears along what’s been said before or set by other hands than our own. 

Fine, get up, eat this, drink that, sweeten nothing on the way to work hum-drum – 


If I swim no more to shores I’ve imagined or bobily bob to open waters where curiosity bobbles me, I am nothing more than driftwood. Which would be okay! As long as I know and accept that I am such!!

The key to the door of what I’m saying, can be seen in all here that’s writ, and being written – that whether I choose to listen and fall a-dead to any personal desire for what gets said, or jump and fight and scream and pound away to write and snippety type a wonder of messes without reason and against the season, that either way they’re these fingers and this brain and this point in time which conjure together a soup-pot of this, which I clearly have it in me somewhere to see happily something happening. 

The key and the door and the walking through, are you!

Each and every even hair-brained brain-containing life – has it readily in its fabric to joyously pause, 

Or fall

Or give up

Or die 

into everything as “-ing” –

or at least into a way of looking at life,

which is highly personal, highly relevant, and highly powerful

on way to way, en route to route

that may be the way, and might be the route

for he or she or me

for now.


And as the dancing continues the steps may flounder or wiggle or tap or swipe or curve or straighten or feel light or be noticed as “heavy”,

not any less or more resounding, nor more or less relevant,

to the piece peace that we are if we let it

playing along.