brainbutter xxIII: potty training one day for Brix

“The family that poops together, stays together.”



While pooping earlier, I had a thought which compelled me to stop Shalin as she walked by. She came in, and I verbalized it while sipping a sugared espresso on the seat:

When Brix gets to the age of pee & poop training, I wondered, wouldn’t it be cool to frame it as “how good” it will feel to have conscious control of pee- and poopability, so that “you will be able to experience the simple luxury of being able to release a stream of urine when you really have to go, or let some solids out that’ve felt the need to be let – and without then worrying that you’ll be walking around in soiled pants???”

I mean, how good does it feel?!?!, really, to pee when you really have to, or poop when the time is now?!?!

It’s these simple pleasures, perhaps. The things that as humans we kind of have to do, at least to be functioning in “good” states. The things that if we were not able to do, — I don’t even want to think about that!

No rewards for peeing in the bathroom; no incentives for “using the potty.”

Nope. Just a boy, maybe, learning to enjoy the process.