bra!n butter xxvi: are you hoping to ‘teach’ someone?

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If you “hope to teach”


to someone,

are you ignorant?

   lacking knowledge or awareness in general;
    uneducated or unsophisticated


‘Kindly let me help you or you will drown’
said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.
   ~Alan Watts~

I think it’s easy to get confused, learn delusion – disguised as “motivation” – and wish for others to think you are a sage. It goes right along, with thinking you need to do or be something, to have worth.

Many even ascribe to the instagram-culture blueprint for “success” – where the number of  ♥’s  you get determines the value of your work.

This kind of looking to another’s opinion, in order to inform acts, is a recipe for an increasingly disingenuous, sad world. At least this’s the way it seems, to me.

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What makes someone feel that “I can teach him or her a thing or two”?

Do you know anything at all, about what would be good for someone who is not you? Do you know what the person’s exact history is? Do you know what his or her field of perception is like? Do you know what her thoughts or feelings are? Do you know what the person’s passions are?

If “No” is your answer, to any of the aforementioned questions, then it appears to me you have zero business getting into the helping-this-other-person business.

Perhaps teaching ourselves 
how to unlearn
what someone
has ‘taught’
so we can begin
to see what’s here
without end
as we flux,
is a more appropriate
game of awareness,
than supposing
we have what is necessary
to “teach” another…


What you are the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.
~J. Krishnamurti~

I aim to be the parent who may in fact teach something or another to our boy, but never by telling him what to do. He may watch me and my wife, and others, and learn from our actions, but otherwise it is our job as I see it, to give him not rules nor “teachings” but an everyday environment where he is the true master of his learning, and can ask questions, explore, experiment, and change what he thinks about the world, ad infinitum.

What kind of learning could be better than that which appears to be crafted by our own interest(s), born out of curiosity and developed over time with easy attention???

Anything that is not of the kind which is bought by one’s investment of soul, seems forced and wrought with flavorlessness.

Notice I say nothing about what I think to be ‘right’ for you or him or them.

You are free to do as you please. But perhaps think of what you are doing, if you are trying to coach or teach others – as if you know what they should do.

Lest the cultivation of more dependance on “authority”, in a world already filled up, with fellows & ladies learned to feel helpless.

Your mom
& dad
love you –
and think you are epic –
just, for being here.
And you don’t
need to do anything,
other than


The attempt to steer a person can make it hard for them to move, because it inactivates their own guidance system.
   ~Ray Peat~