Business model of zenso?

The usual business

of gymness,

seems to be to us


Making people pay,

to continue to reinforce the idea

of a need for help,

appears to be

to us, preposterous.





If you’re going to pay

Pay Zenso –>

So that the money no longer goes

to the agencies which prosper

from you feeling like $hit.


Our business model  thought$_

↓ ↓ can be thought of (contrarily) ↓ ↓ 

• as ones in which we see

the likes of you or me or he or she,

gifting ourselves the   s    p    a    c    e

to ¢reate

some way of  #whateverthehellyouseeit

where learning is self driven instead of forced-upon-thee

where action is stimulative as opposed to exhaustive

where curiosity can be trusted  instead of denied

where      → you ←

are solely & responsibly in humor

at finding or crafting or whipping up,

your own kind of peace-of-being

as part and parcel with

whatever seems to you to be happening.


 Pretty sure you don’t need anyone else’s bell or whistle or dogma or program or theory or prescription or secret or supp, to mean it up


* Of course any of what’s above –

appears subjectible to change.

* POP Price of Participation
in all this jazz, applies –
if you want our
interpretation of Zenso
created and delivered…
forms of barter as well as
Paypal, cash, or check
accepted; but if you want
to go at it Your way
just outside,
Drop the pebble
Ride the Wave.


art .. ... .