butterbrain xv: a three word book! that many people have [over]written


Like just 




Then what happens?

You look at yourself with gratitude. You look at the world around you – which you are right in the center of – with love. You look at the expansive everything – with love.

Looking – with love – you look at things without fear, without contempt, without boredom.

Looking – with love – you actually see things. You notice things. You’re aware.


Awareness. An accepted awareness. A look with soft eyes. A look with curiosity at every little aspect.

What could be around this corner?! What could be inside here?! What is the beauty of this keyboard?!

How is this connected to that and that connected to this?! What is the synergy of this system in which I am just another [living, breathing, passionate] part?!

How does the move I make here affect that there?! How does what I’m eating now affect the biology of my own organism?! How does the biology of my own organism affect the greater organism of the earth system and the universal?! And how does the organisming of the ever-all-over affect the part of the organism that is “me” “here”?!


The answers don’t matter because everyone may come up with different answers. The important part is the thinking about it. The questioning. The ponderance of this. The looking at our lives as informants to our own actions and vice-versa. The glow of the sun on our current step. The light of the moon on our sleeping. To actually think about what I’m doing each doing. To be here, just here, doing it. Not trying to get anywhere down the road or be anything someday or do something to get ahead. All of that “wanting to achieve” bullshit. No! What am I doing, right here, right now?!

And loving it first. Acceptance. 

Then awareness.


See, I think about everytime I pick up a cell phone to search for “Ray Peat and serotonin” or “Ray Peat and autism” or “autism and vaccines” or “cell phones and inflammation” or you-name-it.

Yet I have it in me to wonder, “Okay, what am I doing here, with this phone in my hands, looking up…?” Where is this action born of? Fear?? What are the consequences of pursuing a dance whose steps were learned in fear???

Then maybe, only what I’m doing is serving the fear, thinking more about that which I’m afraid of, and making the fear grow [without even realizing it]!

Instead wait, accepting the fear, noticing it’s here, noticing what I’m doing – holding a cell phone – and seeing that this act may not really make things any less full of fear…


Let’s keep going with this:

Really questioning EVERYTHING – which means playing with thinking – which means enjoying the process of life – which means finding myself engaged with living each step – which means loving what happens to me and happening into what I love – which means feeling life instead of floundering through it.

By joining into a conversation you either strengthen the side you’re agreeing with or serve to make more defensive, and riled up with motivation to build more fire, those on the other side.

By quietly retreating into your own thoughts, your own confident way of being, your own roadshow, those fires of debate are quelled and people then perhaps begin feeling less oppressed. There becomes then less a telling people what to do, and more people doing what in their own hearts feels right to do.

More people perhaps learning to trust themselves, and love themselves – without feeling constantly as if they have to defend themselves. And then, with trust + love, you’ve got a recipe for greater awareness, more nonjudgmental noticing of what you’re doing in your own life, more questioning your own behaviors in a reverent way, and then more truth ultimately – whatever all this means to you.

We have got to get out of “culture” and stop butting into other people’s lives; we have got to stop having so many damn opinions on others and more on ourselves. We’ve got to get out of the world where commenting on every little thing matters and matters only because in our insecurities we ascertain a false sense of self-worth from asserting our views as if someone else needs to have them too. That’s not connection. Needing to share a view with another – to the point of stating a case and convincing someone – is pure separateness, ego, a basic feeling that I’m not already enough just being, whatever I think and whatever you think – no matter.
Jumping into conversations where something of debate arises only serves to reinforce a line between people and further bolster doubts, fear, etc.

It shouldn’t matter; jump out of the conversations that are other people’s business and into the coversation only of your own life.

And talk and listen fervently – each of us  voracious advocates for these sounds that only “I” can make and hear! To let these sounds be such that they are thought of as universally communicative participants in what Bill Hicks might call “voice of reason.”