bB xXXvIII: Habit Linking

  If you’ve wanted to form the daily habit of walking or the habit of red light bathing or the habit of Dark Thirty or the habit of some fun on the floor before bed or the habit of making a “great” list in the morn’ or the habit of brachiation or the habit of more »

BB xXXvII: Walk Somewhere

  I give myself here several minutes, warmed by some red light pointed at the thyroid and breathing softly in a quiet room, to share a not-novel Zenso idea that came to me when I was one. Walk somewhere. When I was learning how for the first time – although I don’t exactly remember because it more »

Three Things That Can Reinvigorate Your Life…

  * For anyone who feels stuck or depleted. * Simple to make yours. * Although simple does not always mean easy. * Pick one, start easy, #RideTheWave Disclaimer: Nothing will invigorate, or reinvigorate, your life, as much as you tossing to the wind, all advice pertaining to the euphoric condition(s), and building instead, these more »

A Play Out in the Night

Backstory: I just finished reading “Diffendoofer Day” with Brix while Shalin deadlifted in the garage. Then something called me, so I went. And as I walk/skip/run to the park down the street under blanket white, through the smell of fires keeping our neighborhood warm and snuggly, I dream – – – of hanging and swinging more »


  I could think and think about how the world’s so mad and get mad – or I could just go mad; mad with romance and mad for experience and wildly madly giving up to the mad mad mad river, the -ing of the go of the flow and the glow in the madness of more »


  Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence ~ Robert Anton Wilson Belief “is”… ? “Is,” “is,” “is”—the idiocy of the word haunts me. If it were abolished, human thought might begin to make sense. I more »

BB XXXVI: Meditation & Play

  What I’ve learned over the years, regarding meditation, amounts to the following insight: Meditation appears to be synonymous with play. If you’re not finding play in any part of your meditation, it is my contention that you are not really meditating. This thought – like any thought – could change its course from here; more »

Suckling The Teat

We’re driving over to our friends for an afternoon swim, and Shalin says, “The Antigym is… suckling the teat of life” And I think she’s right! But what’s it mean?!   What’s ‘suckling’ ? And this ‘teat of life’ ? ______ Could it be that ‘suckling the teat’ is nothing more, nor less than being more »

Could it always be worse?

#zenso #theantigym It could always be worse. Our friend Jay calls this “rounding down” – thinking of worser case scenarios to reframe your current perspective. In this vein, we often jot some “Greats”, a list of one or more things or people we think are GREAT right now. As in: toes that can wiggle and more »