bb xxx: note(s) to self, re: zenso, etc.

  Brix! Sometimes it may be valuable to go for a walk by yourself [under the stars or moon or in the rain or on the beach or in the shade of the redwoods], and muse, or get lost, or whatever. And sometimes it may be rejuvenatory, to think onto some paper, or something like more »

The Antigym Expressionables 

  Common thread movement tools of Zenso What follows is a repertoire of ways to express yourself – some of them with a kettlebell. These movement behaviors seem to be to us, of immeasurable value, for antidepressionalism, art-making, strength development, & otherwise:  The Antigym Expressionables: ¤ Locomotion (crawling, walking, hiking, moseying, sprinting, carrying, cruising) ¤ more »

bb xxix: Moving in unusual [intriguing?] ways…

  Why? Because we’re human! Movement appears as a practical invention – an intelligent creation – used to communicate, procure pleasurables, or get [into, or] out of trouble. We move… to do stuff. Which brings to mind a question: Would it be more intelligent, to have lots of movement options, or just a few? And also: would more »

Stimulative vs Exhaustive Behavior (Part II)

  “Over the oxygen supply of the body carbon dioxide spreads its protecting wings.” – Friedrich Miescher, Swiss physiologist, 1885   It is our understanding that exhaustive action, or even talking excessively, can lead to a loss of CO2 and an increase in levels of lactate, which leads to a diminished ability to oxygenate tissues, as more »

Can we?: No Cell Phones!

Too much staring at a cell phone? It may wreck relationships or metabolism or sperm count or the brain. But hey, we may not even [care to] know we’re addicted; nor screwed. What if, it were different?? What if… we actually talked [on speakerphone] to people and shared tonalities – instead of having inefficient and more »

BRAINbutter xxvii: No more driving!

They sleep, to me perfectly; I write. It appeared Brix did not want to be in the car today. Nor did his parents. Together we drove up the state. Forgetting I guess, that: there we were, wherever we went. We fought this. And now, I muse… A dream-of-a-wife within a dream-of-a-life, with our dragon-being-boy, just happening. I’ll more »

Stimulative vs. Exhaustive Behavior (Part I)

  What are you in such a rush for? To get to the end?? Stimulative behavior is behavior where you can: > take a break from the act and ponder or write > fall into writing or wonder after activity, without as much as a seamless transition > breathe softly, easily, without much trying [through more »

The name “zenso”

This title comes from two words: “zen”, which I guess is a saying for the unsayability of direct experience and “enso”, which, as I take it is a calligraphic art.   Alas Zenso is a name made up of words – but words are not Zenso.