brainbutter xxii: Church for us, is outside .

“doing some zenso…” Unless it is a fervor born of your own creation, and open to all kinds of crumbling and banishment at any wind of reason blowing to and fro, then damn it! If it be intuitively, that you are called upon a particular road – where paving it your own way is habituated, and more »


is the death of intelligence. Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence. ~ Robert Anton Wilson   We were driving around looking at “Christmas” lights and thought, no no no… that name has to go: more »

“Destination” Zenso

  These are trips. Maybe the destination is somewhere we’ve never been; or maybe we hit a “usual” spot but let ourselves see it, as if for the first time. The point is: We go somewhere and do something(s) –  (like Farmers Carry some kettlebells and run some stairs and take in some sky) Whatever. more »

spontanei i iii iiiii

  Response to surprise – the essence of spontaneity Novel appears to be Zenso norm, as novelty heightens awareness and opens door to learning.   It is a gift, we think to be pleasurably  d  i  s   c o n n e c t e d  from the usual as Ryan Nagy says. The moment more »

How “good” are you, at [whatever]?

No one is either “good” or “bad”, at the Turkish Getup: we are all just doing Turkish Getups. The brain knows no difference between a “right way” and a “mistake”: in either case, the brain is engaged in some kind of a learning process. Learn to enjoy the process – and the gifts of life will more »

be “zenso” ?

  Z – be zenso? No, just be E – Go by feeling N – Whatever is, words are not it S – Experiment voraciously O – Ride the wave                                  the  a n t i g y m 

Awareness Through Zenso

  A    T    Z Meditation in movement [& maybe a kettlebell] ♥ outside ♥ antidepressionalism ♥      Awareness Through Zenso:   A T Z design, comes from a Zensoic idea of simple [primal, practical] movements  that can be attended to with curiosity, along with a quality-over-quantity, “no rush” attitude. Time appears to be arbitrary, more »

Zenso [zen-so]

noun 1. something to do 2. stimulative activity [of any sort] 3. antidepressional 4. that, that’s not words   verb 1. being, feeling, happening, etc. 2. “con-fidence” (from latin: with-trust), AKA: letting go 3. practicing enjoying movement – even that found in stillness 4. doing [anything], outside