How to be a [great] conversationalist

(At least, the following is how we think conversationalism can be developed) First, ask questions… and listen to the other person’s language (verbal, body, tone, etc.). Then, continue to ask questions – which somehow follow the path of what’s happening in the conversation. Put yourself      O U T           more »

Ride the wave

To ride is to be both active and passive. Active to the part you play in riding what passively you get to accept as circumstance. Altogether on it, in it, and it. Experiencer, experimenting.  Oh the ironical, paradoxically wild nature of this wave.

ici (“icee”)

It may be, at root antidepressionism; medicinal of a self-induced, let kind. Great? This here. Action of a simple, stimulative sort. A game of how – When? Now. _______________ In other words, the best place in the entire world can perhaps only be found, by the practice of being it.  

walking, by Ray Peat

“However, in Russia, physiologists always remember to include the brain in their calculations, and it turns out that a walk through interesting and pleasant surroundings consumes more energy than does harder but more boring exercise. An active brain consumes a tremendous amount of fuel.” Of additional interest, perhaps: “Exertion and stress have in common the more »


Slow down, said the butterfly to the gullious gallant, slow down. Slow down, says the rose to the bumbling buffoon, slow down. Slow down, slow down, you mysterious wit, slow down you rumbling twit. Slow down. Is anything thiz, going more it, if rush rush rush you be? Slow down said fox to me, slow more »

It seems we focus on [way] too much

Life seems to have recently delivered to us a few simple reminders – through Brix – regarding what may be important, beyond trifles and superfluies. They are: Eat, Sleep, Poop, Pee, Play. And of course, Love. Thank you Brix 1, Your ma and da, DRB & SMB   1 Born November 3, 2016, 12:52 pm.

brainbutter xxi: reading-writing room / nursery

My wife and I – and BooButterWhatever inside her belly – have set up its nursery, we think now ready for a developing human. For you. One of the main ingredients, we think: books. Lots and lots of chances at reading, thinking, wondering, imagining, creating, scribbling, taking notes, making marks. A room of communication possibilities. more »

Nine Tools for Baloney Detection from Carl Sagan

The kit is brought out as a matter of course whenever new ideas are offered for consideration. If the new idea survives examination by the tools in our kit, we grant it warm, although tentative, acceptance. If you’re so inclined, if you don’t want to buy baloney even when it’s reassuring to do so, there more »

Ten Commandments For Teachers by Bertrand Russell

Perhaps the essence of the Liberal outlook could be summed up in a new decalogue, not intended to replace the old one but only to supplement it. The Ten Commandments that, as a teacher, I should wish to promulgate, might be set forth as follows: Do not feel absolutely certain of anything. Do not think more »