Can we?: No Cell Phones!

Too much staring at a cell phone?

It may wreck relationships or metabolism or sperm count or the brain.

But hey, we may not even [care to] know we’re addicted; nor screwed.

What if, it were different??

What if…

we actually talked [on speakerphone] to people and shared tonalities – instead of having inefficient and misconstrued text conversations???

What if…

we actually had a landline – instead of wifi radiation zig-zagging all through the house???

What if…

we actually went outside and played or walked or laid in the grass – as opposed to kinking our necks while staring at the internet through our cell phone screen???

What if…

we actually had a real conversation with someone in our house or neighborhood or school, and engaged in eye contact – instead of looking mostly at our phone(s) while casually, disinterestedly butchering relationshipping???

What if…

we were leaders of a revolution against unnecessary cellular phone radiation – and frontrunners of a campaign of ditching phones… and/or docents of dosing ourselves with fine, age-old medicine of just being outside????


We have discovered reason(s), either experientially or evidentially, to prompt serious investigation regarding the use of cell phones. Concurrent with said investigation, serious experimentation of NOT USING cell phones has ensued; at least not using them quite so thoughtlessly.


Here are other pieces of thought chow, perhaps:

Having your own mind, a critical and constructive ability, makes you aware of possibilities and threats. The “go along to get along” attitude represents a denial of your mentality. Recognizing the reasons for the evils and obstacles is an intrinsic part of moving toward your goals. Without a realistic view of where you are, you can’t expect to go anywhere.
— Ray Peat, PhD

Ray Peat on foods that protect against EMF & radiation

Ray Peat on practical ways to prevent EMF in the home

Other notes:

• This experiment started with passion while Brix was still in momma’s belly, and took on extra meaning after his birth (for additional reasons); it continues to now and warrants we think, weekly checking-in, to see how we are doing with it!

• Donning orange-colored (blue-light-blocking) glasses, it appears, can be an excellent tool when looking at a computer or cell-phone screen, [before or] after the sun goes down – if we feel we have to

• A newly instituted Butterworth thing – at least for our family – appears as what we’ve termed Dark-Thirtyputting electronics on “Not-usable-Not-functionable” mode as soon as [or before] the sun sets, and putting the phones in a designated we’re-not-going-to-go-there space (perhaps too with Wifi off).