cHAnge: simply another word for life


Fuck? Fuck.

cHAnge is simply another word for life

Art, process,


A canvas,

A field.

Do it!

Spiritual plunging,


Go into the ordinary –

an experience –


A dance!

Movement pleasure for its own sake


no purpose whatsoever –

becoming meditation in an instant!

Outside. And curious.

How many or how much?

Absolutely arbitrary matter –

to miss the point entirely!


Getting ahead is an illusion,

another of life’s little games.


There is no “I” here –

the organism


cannot be,

without the tree;


The antithesis of fret is on the edge

of mystery,

a jolly trip

into the profundity of the unknown;

always is.


Ah, so teach me…

bees bee, snow-fall falls?

Squirrels. Grassy roots.

Black, white. Good night!

good fool!!