A conversation with a friend

Regarding: Zenso.



Above all it seems zenso is a PERSONAL experience and that idea is where it all comes from; NOT me coaching someone or whatever. Be your own fucking coach. Stop letting other people sell you on the fact that you need to pay them x dollars for y products to be happy… because THAT’s bullshit, and you’re just playing right into the societal “learned helplessness” if you do that. Culture is stunted unless you’re designing your own. Fuck you if you try to sell me a program that’ll cure what ails me; cause it’s only culture’s bullshit that ails me. The message here seems to be the real message worth airing, to us, that YOU already are what you’ve been seeking: now use those two feet of yours and do whatever it is that feels right.

I’m pretty fired up sometimes when I think about it and I think we ought to be real clear about PUTTING FUCKING GYMS OUT OF BUSINESS. Probably preaching to the choir, with you.



Yes. And once we realize that there is nothing to seek – just be. I find it funny that people are always looking for the next answer to spirituality when in fact most teachings tell you to just be present and mindful in everything you do. I guess it’s a good way to sell books. Kind of like selling gym memberships. Some folks miss the point and always are looking for some brilliant insight or answer. There really is nothing to find. We already have it, in the moment.