is the practice

of cultivating generosity

(in Hindu, Buddhist, et al. philosophy).


According to Buffy Owens

(Feldenkrais practitioner based in N.Y.)

Dāna also refers to giving unconditionally,

and learning to let go of attachment.




I read that Owens began using this form of payment in her practice, after learning about the concept of dāna while at a meditation retreat, where she was told to pay only what she could afford and what she thought the teaching was worth.

Reading about this concept, it felt right.


Whatever you think our giving-to-you

is worth,

freely give to us in return.

This would be on top of the low low lowwwwww

POP (Price of Playing) –

and does not have to be

only in monies.

Over the years, we’ve accepted

many forms of barter for services,

including fine wine, local goodies,

trips, random surprises,

and other enjoyables.


But should you not
pay us X support or Y sense,
we will not enjoy our next shower
any less. Thank you.