brainbutter xxii: Church for us, is outside .


“doing some zenso…”

Unless it is a fervor born of your own creation, and open to all kinds of crumbling and banishment at any wind of reason blowing to and fro, then damn it!

If it be intuitively, that you are called upon a particular road – where paving it your own way is habituated, and curiously so, renewingly  – then   Y   E   S  ,  to whatever you learn to call what’s yours!

Our religion philosophy practice

spirituality business whatever –

which essentially bares as


is Zenso.



So   the underpinnings of it,

are to “make your own” whatever.

Maybe, just do what feels right, to you.


For us it’s endeavorous, to be outside – and outside the rites of a “culture” [which we don’t buy into], while diving into a way of being that’s genuine ƒ•®-us-rîgΗτ-n♥w, as artists – writing only our own ideations and exploring only that which we gratefully perceive interestingly, here before us.

A verb kind of thing.


Simply and stimulatively meditative, or even just medicinally-exhilirative, activity.

This’ Zenso.


Probably with the trees and/or birds or other life, being.


As if there’s any explanation needed.

Rule 213.

DRB… & SMB – and BFB.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.58.39 PM

~ We will never it appears step in the same stream twice ~

(Thank you, Heraclitus)

Ride on!