what the ***k?

Being able to do a particular act

in many different ways

is a sign of intelligence.


Flexibility of being

in the spontaneous undercurrent

of all that is,

is perhaps the most harmonious thing

we can offer to the happening.


Notice how I do what I do –

and then explore playfully

many other ways of doing it.

A gift to the central intelligence

that is underneath the “thinking”;

an offering of options.


We learn to trust that attending

to the tiniest of movements –

and slowing down;

that sensing what’s going on…

will generate in us as organismic beings

an improved organization,

a clearer self image.


A cleaning of the lens

that perceives reality.


The union of distinct parts revealed:

not so separate any more.


There is a complete & honest examination

of how we are connected,

when we allow

for the time

to attend to intentional action;

when interested in the pleasant glow

of the interaction of mind, body, & environment,


In the quiet moment

of what is never not happening,

we may be afforded the chance to see

where extraneous effort is used in action

that doesn’t need quite so much trying.


What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself

~Abraham Maslow


I’ve thought about this too long.

There is a wisdom at play

if I simply move on maybe,

and continue dancing.



As I’ve experienced doing Feldy –

or attending playfully to subtle movement –

the whole of my self appears to be improved

in the hours, days following a “lesson”,

just having freely eyed or sensed

how I move.


Carried by interest in the process alone,

an organization emerges organically.


The opportunity,

I suppose then,

is to dig movement for its own sake,

invite awareness upon this digging,

and thus allow the it behind it

to take care of it.


There’s music here.


Everywhere, really;

there is silence and noise,

up and down,

back and forth,





The underlying, spontaneous nature

of nature is,

I guess one could say,

almost grateful,

if we only let go and attend

to the intelligent flowing reality.


Because the outcome

of such a willing surrender

is both the shattering of an illusion

and a feeling:

that you are the dance

and the dance is you.


That… there is only dancing.


(Or whatever verb kind of word you wish).




Attending to the nervous system:

a gift of the unobtrusive power of flexibility –

something quite useful I would say,

in the everchange and ever-unknown

of the road of life: [just] process ad infinitum

I guess.


“No man ever steps

in the same river twice,

for it’s not the same river

and he’s not the same man.”

~ Heraclitus