[more] Feldenkrais commentary


tweeting about Feldy-ing pronounced the  s e n s u a l i t y  possible in exploring human movement.

Here’s a recent musing (written after doing Feldy) of what doing Feldy seems to be, to me:


An investment in being ~

Although the what of what is happening during [or from] the play / practice of Feldy-ing, is largely unexplainable, it’s something worth making time for because the learning can be profound. Also profoundly interesting. A taking care of the nervous system and a gifting to the [total] organism – of more movement and thinking options to work with. An expansion of one’s flexibility of being, I guess.

Co2 levels raised during exploration, it appears.

Enhancing ease / efficiency of movement, perhaps.

Freedom of exploring self :  allowed.  Doors of  s e  n  s a t  i   o n  . .  .

I don’t know how to say what the feeling is like, and really, “Who the fuck cares what the words about it are?!


It’s a sensing experience. If this kind of attending to how you do what you do, is regularly incorporated into your life, then what may also arise is:

Habitualization of operating organismically in ways that feel good, by teaching into your future acts these curious qualities of ease-of-being and pleasure-in-movement.     Laziness    in this sense – that is, the ability to be efficient in action and well organized in movement – is intelligence. Doing less surely seems to be doing more.


Comfortable breathing through the nose is something you can wonder about while Feldy-ing – or just notice, maybe, this kind of easy breathing as it happens, as moving continues.

Strength has not to do with breathless activity nor getting out of breath on purpose, but rather perhaps in being able to act with strength without ease-of-air and efficiency-of-movement being compromised. Stimulative happening vs. wasted effort, is all I’d call it.


Words don’t do it, though; you do. Check out Feldy audio lessons on our site, Lynette Reid’s free Feldy recordings, or OpenATM.org for Awareness Through Movement lessons to try on your own at home.

Love and ice cream,