Gratefulness for us comes by delivery through what we call “Greats!”, a conscious decision to highlight on paper, subvocally, or out into the air a few things we are grateful for.

As in:

Being able to sit here like this and do wigglies and taps with fingers that produce symbolic black on screen; smiling for no reason; hanging out, outside; having a wonderful family around me; our 2 month old son Brix; my wife who wows me, startles me, sugar-coats me, keeps me on my toes, and generally just makes me feel unwordably good; being able to thisle, through orange-tinted aviators (that may block blue light during computer use at night); the slight-warm of a 300 w incandescent light in a brooder, above, on occasion; listening to birds do whatever

That was an example from just now – whenever that was – just me, doing some Greats!

Why Greats! ?

Well, first of all: why not?! Are you not grateful for at least one aspect of being, right now?? Greats! are simply an opportunity to reflect – and be.

Further, gratitude seems to act as an inlet to acceptance.

Acceptance appears to be the most wonderful kind of life potion, and inroads awareness.

Awareness seems to open all kinds of doors which let us know what we do and how we do all sorts of things.

Together – gratitude, acceptance, and then awareness – may serve as just the right mix of ingredients, to get us feeling confident in choosing to do the things we really want to!

In other words, Greats! can be a terrific and subtle fuck you to any forces that try to sell you on not being good enough just the way you are – this.

Authenticity is only a word but: why not here & why not now?!?!

a watts meaning


(hanging on the wall above Brix’ “change” station)