How to be a [great] conversationalist

(At least, the following is how we think conversationalism can be developed)

First, ask questions…

and listen to the other person’s language (verbal, body, tone, etc.).

Then, continue to ask questions –

which somehow follow the path of what’s happening in the conversation.

Put yourself      O U T              T  H  E  R  E.

Great risks (don’t be afraid to follow what you’re thinking or feeling!)

often lead to surprisingly deep conversations.

Still, the whole adventure of conversing

is an active process –

and only goes swimmingly, of course,

if there’s back-and-forth, two-way activity.

So hopefully you have an engaged other.

And remember, in all its humanness,

conversationalism won’t be “perfect”.

That’s it.


A few notes

Practice a lot.

Conversation ability is both a skill and an art.

As long as you let yourself be led by interest and curiosity,

the more you do it,

the better you will get at it,

and the more fun you’ll have.

At least it seems this way to us.