“Digging” movement?

We can explain what digging movement is, in as many different ways as there are people.

None of which will substitute for the experience of actually enjoying it. Ever.

Which makes writing about the process of digging movement a bit tricky. I’ve thought never to try, even.

Alas, however: a creative process in and of itself, for me, an art project:

To be experimenting with fresh perspectives on the not-describable. To be making a game of words about something that making words about, makes it less than what it is.

So how can pleasurable movement be described?

Well here’s a try at it:

Digging movement is a world of possibilities curiously traveled.

Other tries I’ve had:

“Digging movement is…

Taking care of your nervous system


Habitualizing the friendly act of being in touch with the only place we’ll ever be – here


Playing in suchness


Diving into the happening


Doorways anywhere into exploring the field


Some favorites so far:

“Digging movement is…

Digging movement 


Hedonizing and adventuring


Losing the hallucination 


Taking care of the nervous system by investigating body maps in the brain and exploring new options for ways of doing things



Dot dot dot