Gym or antigym?

Let’s say, for example’s sake, a typical “gym” membership costs you $60 dollars per month.

If you don’t use the gym consistently, this is a complete waste of money; gyms bank on this.

If you do use the gym consistently, it’s not a total waste – assuming you dig being there and dig doing what you’re doing.

However, let’s say at $60 a month, over the course of the next ten years, you spend around $7,200 for a gym membership you [maybe] use from time to time.

Contrast this with learning to hone in on your antigym mentality, purchasing a few [basically indestructible] kettlebells, and enjoying time outside – as medicine – for the next ten years, which could cost you around three or four hundred dollars. And that’s only if you want a nice collection of bells.

Most people now realize health is not some destination, but rather, a process. So the next ten years of your life is really the next X years of your life. That said, gym or antigym?