Butter Food (ongoing running bumbly-isms)

Hot (as in adorable) Dishes:

Shalin’s Shrimp Scampi

Mrs. Butterworth’s Ratatouille

Boo’s Portabella

BUB ‘n Short Ribs

Orgasm Osso Bucco

Pan seared steak with OCP Chim•Churee, roasted sweet potatoes, and sautéed chard

Bodhi Breakfast:

Fruit Burr

Egg a la Hard

Coffee Creatorship

Scone Scrumptiality


DR B’s Crunchy Fish Tacos

DR B’s Fried Dessert Wraps

Cloud Cookies


Taco (or foodality) shop name frontrunners:

1) No Taco Left Behind

2) Just Zenso’s

3) Coffee and Tacos

4) kakos (pronounced “cock-ohs”)

5) taco takers

6) tacos and tea

7) Your Taco

8) Every Taco’s Different

9) No Wrong Taco (No taco is a wrong taco)

10) One Taco (a taco in hand is better than two in the bush)

11) Hey I’m Taco to You

12) Taco Love

13) Taco is a state of mind

14) The Hot Gobblin’ Taco 

15) Taco Monsters R’ Us

16) Taco Snuggly

17) Taco Practice 

18) ‘O’Cat

19) Womb o’ Tacos

20) Taco Nips

21) The Warm Fuzzy Snuggly

22) Snuggly Crispy

23) Taco Teeth

24) the wimbly nimbly taco heurism

A possible Menu:

1) Coconut oil fried crispy, organic tacos – filled to your liking

2) Coffee or coffee variations