Stimulative vs. Exhaustive Behavior (Part I)


What are you in such a rush for? To get to the end??

Stimulative behavior is behavior where you can:

> take a break from the act and ponder or write

> fall into writing or wonder after activity, without as much as a seamless transition

> breathe softly, easily, without much trying [through the nostrils, perhaps]

> drink a Mexican Coke or Tonic Water while engaged in behavior of any sort

> imagine a new mode of doing what you’re doing, and go into exploration of such – without judgment – armed simply: with curiosity

> take a walk with no care of where to

> explore!

> do some kitchen play or sex play or… just play (and perhaps with a consensually engaged other)

> eat food with the senses turned on – enjoyably, experimentally, wonderingly

> share space with life as if it were precious, because…

> find meaning in being, through finding meaning in anything

> ______________ (fill in the blank with an item or items you deem pleasurable here)

> see part II of Stimulative vs. Exhaustive Behavior



Exhaustive behavior is that which is:

> the opposite of any of the above


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