If you don’t have a plan, you become part of somebody else’s plan ~ Terence McKenna   It seems “joggers” have been out in droves, and the other night we heard some people mention the need to do more “cardio”. Makes us wonder: does a person really have to be drudging along, in order to be “healthy”?   POPULARITY IS more »

brainbutter xiv: death ‘n play, play ‘n death

Brix[we-love-you-a]ton ~ To know that death is imminent – to be alive, meaning someday not to be – and to peel back the bed cover any morning you choose, to jump out of the day like it’s Christmas Lights-N-Shit!, or to feel laced with grace, or rained on with PMA, or solitudinous & bumbling through, more »

Zenso newsletter 2/20/16

Love and work… work and love, that’s all there is ~Sigmund Freud~ Salut, Visiting, you’ll notice an updated descripto that reads: A strength and leisure club. Why? defines leisure as 1) “freedom from the demands of work or duty”; 2) “time free from the demands of work or duty”; 3) “unhurried ease”. This summary of Josef more »

Alan Watts Essays and Transcripts of Lectures

‘Conversation With Myself’ transcript ‘Lecture on zen’ transcript ‘Self and Other’ transcript ‘The World As Emptiness’ transcript ‘What Do You Desire’ transcript ‘The Human Game’ transcript ‘Psychedelics and Religious Experience’ essay ‘What Is Wrong With Our Culture’ transcript ‘On Being God’ Q & A transcript