bb xxxv: Never an excuse for boredom

Here I am (I guess) sipping a “Dirty David” while you nap; that’s 1/2 part milk and 1/2 part gelatin-&-maple-syrup-infused coffee, with a dash of pure theanine powder, on crushed ice. Refreshing to me – and espoused with reminiscence → I love our morning walking, like this morning’s – during which what few words shared more »

BB xxxiii: “Seek Zeros!”

  ⊃ Brix ⊂ Currently, as part of your B-line, during book-time, I’m reading to you Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull. We’ve come to page 34, after Jonathan reached flight speed of “terminal velocity!” He’s just been called to stand, before the Elders… “Of course, [Jonathan] thought, the Breakfast Flock this morning; they saw the more »

BB XXXII: Release!

  The irony, perhaps, of exclaiming: to not listen to the cultural rubbish, to not be persuaded by the pull of money-this or marketing-that or guru Jim or pastor Barbara! The irony, that although in these verbalizations there may exist a swirling of an urge for rebellion, deep down inside, hiding, wanting to snip the more »

bb xxxi: B-Line!

  We’ve created an experimental evening lineup:   Bath time Baby Body Rub Bedtime storying Breast(s)          •   • Bedtime [for Brix] [Brain & Body] Bonding for Mr & Mrs B   Brix, we love you a ton!

bb xxx: note(s) to self, re: zenso, etc.

  Brix! Sometimes it may be valuable to go for a walk by yourself [under the stars or moon or in the rain or on the beach or in the shade of the redwoods], and muse, or get lost, or whatever. And sometimes it may be rejuvenatory, to think onto some paper, or something like more »

BRAINbutter xxvii: No more driving!

They sleep, to me perfectly; I write. It appeared Brix did not want to be in the car today. Nor did his parents. Together we drove up the state. Forgetting I guess, that: there we were, wherever we went. We fought this. And now, I muse… A dream-of-a-wife within a dream-of-a-life, with our dragon-being-boy, just happening. I’ll more »

brainbutter xxV: philosophy… NOT

zen… so philosophy. There is not philosophy. It’s, we guess, anti method; Anti programming; Anti ________ (fill in the blank). Belief (or strict adherence) – to anything – is the death of the opening of new doors, the death of letting curiosity sweep you, the death of play,  wonder,  & surprise, and therefore we surmise, the death of intelligence.