Zenso newsletter 2/20/16

Love and work… work and love, that’s all there is ~Sigmund Freud~ Salut, Visiting beZenso.com, you’ll notice an updated descripto that reads: A strength and leisure club. Why? Dictionary.com defines leisure as 1) “freedom from the demands of work or duty”; 2) “time free from the demands of work or duty”; 3) “unhurried ease”. This summary of Josef more »

Ztate of the happening (and interesting links)!

Zenso isn’t about a “right” way – any more than there’s a “right” way to talk to a girl (or guy) or a “right” way to eat sushi (or pizza) or a “right” way to spend time with a loved one (or a coworker). And it’s not just about kettle bells or  “working out” or more »