Business model of zenso?

The business of gymness, seems to be to us unethical. Making people pay, to continue to reinforce the idea of a need for help, appears to be to us, preposterous. ______ #antigymness #antidepressionism ______ Our business model  thought$_ ↓ ↓ can be thought of (contrarily) ↓ ↓  • as ones in which we see the likes of more »

Gym or antigym?

Let’s say, for example’s sake, a typical “gym” membership costs you $60 dollars per month. If you don’t use the gym consistently, this is a complete waste of money; gyms bank on this. If you do use the gym consistently, it’s not a total waste – assuming you dig being there and dig doing what more »

How much can you lift?

  It’s not about “how much can you lift?”! It’s about doing what you dig and digging what you do.   Fuck competition. And damn anything else that gets in way of simply enjoying the process.


I am my own business; you are yours. There’s enough pie for all of us to create our own cultures. Fuck “culture”.  

The best product in the world

It seems to us, the best product in the world, is YOU.   My 9th grade basketball coach would often tell us: “Wear that shit like its yours, like you created it. Wear it confidently. Own your youness like it’s everything you always wanted – because it’s all you’ve ever been anyway. Wear that shit more »