Words, by Moshe

There are multiple descriptions of the same real world situation. The only justification for language is to empower yourself. If the verbal description you create of the situation you find yourself in leads to paralysis and ineffectual behaviour, then throw those damn words away and find yourself a new set. There is always some useful more »

brainbutter xII: intelligence

  I can’t feel good saying, “Look at what your mom and I do because it [seemingly] works for us, so this is the best way or the way you should  do yada yada whatever…”. That’d be pretty dumb and not a book I’d want you to read. And anyway, it doesn’t matter what I want you to more »

Are you sitting at the feet of the wisemen?

Seemingly one of the most influential books I’ve read [many times] happened first, during the summer after my first year of college. Inner Tennis: Playing the Game Did I play tennis at the time? No. I played baseball (and football). And I played ‘living’. Still do actually. Which is why the following video clip – a more »

[more] Feldenkrais commentary

    A tweeting about Feldy-ing pronounced the  s e n s u a l i t y  possible in exploring human movement. Here’s a recent musing (written after doing Feldy) of what doing Feldy seems to be, to me: An investment in being ~ Although the what of what is happening during [or from] the more »


      Firstly: It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re not in conflict over it.   Moreover: You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. ~Nietzsche   ____________________ For a perspective on right effort, this story more »

Some Movement Tenets perhaps…

To make moving more playful, pleasurable, efficient, etc.   AKA: Flexibility of Being or Building more [interesting and] Connected Networks [in the Brain] or Learning to tap into Trusting Who You Really Are   ***ZZZzzzZZZ**** To develop strength or get good at anything – that is, to enhance skills or learn – it appears we’ve got more »

Moshe Feldenkrais’ lines

Ironically, practicing the method established by Moshe Feldenkrais seems to be about bypassing words to attain greater understanding of how we do things. However, here are some lines he wrote:   My purpose is to allow people to move closer to actually being creatures of free choice, to genuinely reflect individual creativity and emotion, freeing the more »