How “good” are you, at [whatever]?

No one is either “good” or “bad”, at the Turkish Getup: we are all just doing Turkish Getups. The brain knows no difference between a “right way” and a “mistake”: in either case, the brain is engaged in some kind of a learning process. Learn to enjoy the process – and the gifts of life will more »

Can you see the dragon fly?

Many “wise” people it seems, have written “wise” books that take up pages upon pages, which ultimately lead to a message that I will now write in three simple words:   Treat.   Yourself.   Lovily.  

brainbutter xiv: death ‘n play, play ‘n death

Brix[we-love-you-a]ton ~ To know that death is imminent – to be alive, meaning someday not to be – and to peel back the bed cover any morning you choose, to jump out of the day like it’s Christmas Lights-N-Shit!, or to feel laced with grace, or rained on with PMA, or solitudinous & bumbling through, more »

Are you sitting at the feet of the wisemen?

Seemingly one of the most influential books I’ve read [many times] happened first, during the summer after my first year of college. Inner Tennis: Playing the Game Did I play tennis at the time? No. I played baseball (and football). And I played ‘living’. Still do actually. Which is why the following video clip – a more »

Some thoughts on affecting change, etc.

If I say I want to change lives I’m almost superficially supposing life is not change already. Further, to say one’s life should be changed is to assume the change already happening [naturally] is not good enough. It is also to say that I know what one ought to do, better than he or she knows more »

[more] Feldenkrais commentary

    A tweeting about Feldy-ing pronounced the  s e n s u a l i t y  possible in exploring human movement. Here’s a recent musing (written after doing Feldy) of what doing Feldy seems to be, to me: An investment in being ~ Although the what of what is happening during [or from] the more »