Krishnamurti on “education”

If you can be in revolt while you are young, and as you grow older keep your discontent alive with the vitality of joy and great affection, then that flame of discontent will have an extraordinary significance because it will build, it will create, it will bring new things into being. For this you must more »


  If you don’t have a plan, you become part of somebody else’s plan ~ Terence McKenna   It seems “joggers” have been out in droves, and the other night we heard some people mention the need to do more “cardio”. Makes us wonder: does a person really have to be drudging along, in order to be “healthy”?   POPULARITY IS more »

Th^nks for the reminder*

   we[eeeeeeeeeee] What time is it? Now Who am I? This Where? Here    we[eeeeeeeeee]           ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti  (At least, this’ the way this seems, to us)

butter brain xvi – morning!

In the morning dues I give to the toilet its pee and venture to kitchen happiness, to break fast. A smoothie made with love from she whose hands I do I do – a drinking in of this morning is every bit standard, exceptional, and coffee! You are in mom, drinking up all of this more »

Krishnamurti on “concentration”

Someone asked Jiddu Krishnamurti once, “When I read something, my mind wanders. How am I to concentrate?”   To which he replied: We answered that question the other day. Do you know what concentration is? Do you know that you have concentrated when you are watching a dance which you really like? Listen to what more »