Your zen? It’s Yours. Mine?

  Zenso, for me? Maybe: it’s just a feeling. ___ Yet, feelings – like the passing weather – come and go. Right now? So it seems to be, to me: Yin Yang; inner outer. Slow, fast. Zenso, goddamnit! If we just are, detached from yearning, away from all the bullshit, independent of the menagerie… if we learn more »

Stimulative vs Exhaustive Behavior (Part II)

  “Over the oxygen supply of the body carbon dioxide spreads its protecting wings.” – Friedrich Miescher, Swiss physiologist, 1885   It is our understanding that exhaustive action, or even talking excessively, can lead to a loss of CO2 and an increase in levels of lactate, which leads to a diminished ability to oxygenate tissues, as more »

Stimulative vs. Exhaustive Behavior (Part I)

  What are you in such a rush for? To get to the end?? Stimulative behavior is behavior where you can: > take a break from the act and ponder or write > fall into writing or wonder after activity, without as much as a seamless transition > breathe softly, easily, without much trying [through more »

Business model of zenso?

The business of gymness, seems to us unethical. Making people pay, to continue to reinforce the idea of a need for help, appears to be to us, preposterous. ______ #antigymness #antidepressionism ______ Our business model [I guess we’ll call it] ___¡___vïsïon___$___ ↓ ↓ has begun to look like this ↓ ↓  • To offer individuals the       more »

brainbutter xxV: philosophy… NOT

zen… so philosophy. There is not philosophy. It’s, we guess, anti method; Anti programming; Anti ________ (fill in the blank). Belief (or strict adherence) – to anything – is the death of the opening of new doors, the death of letting curiosity sweep you, the death of play,  wonder,  & surprise, and therefore we surmise, the death of intelligence.

brainbutter xxIV: idleness

(What appeared to arise in me, I knew not what to call it) _________________________________ Instead of writing (or editing) half-heartedly, or showering with Shalin-Marie while in a state betwixt, I chose to sit – and be half-hearted – yet fully. And there this post became. Idleness is the parent of psychology. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche 


Gratefulness for us comes by delivery through what we call “Greats!”, a conscious decision to highlight on paper, subvocally, or out into the air a few things we are grateful for. As in: Being able to sit here like this and do wigglies and taps with fingers that produce symbolic black on screen; smiling for more »

Th^nks for the reminder*

   we[eeeeeeeeeee] What time is it? Now Who am I? This Where? Here    we[eeeeeeeeee]           ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti  (At least, this’ the way this seems, to us)

brainbutter xxii: Church for us, is outside .

“doing some zenso…” Unless it is a fervor born of your own creation, and open to all kinds of crumbling and banishment at any wind of reason blowing to and fro, then damn it! If it be intuitively, that you are called upon a particular road – where paving it your own way is habituated, and more »