If you don’t have a plan, you become part of somebody else’s plan ~ Terence McKenna   It seems “joggers” have been out in droves, and the other night we heard some people mention the need to do more “cardio”. Makes us wonder: does a person really have to be drudging along, in order to be “healthy”?   POPULARITY IS more »

Butter Food (ongoing running bumbly-isms)

Hot (as in adorable) Dishes: Shalin’s Shrimp Scampi Mrs. Butterworth’s Ratatouille Boo’s Portabella BUB ‘n Short Ribs Orgasm Osso Bucco Pan seared steak with OCP Chim•Churee, roasted sweet potatoes, and sautéed chard Bodhi Breakfast: Fruit Burr Egg a la Hard Coffee Creatorship Scone Scrumptiality Chomping: DR B’s Crunchy Fish Tacos DR B’s Fried Dessert Wraps more »

brain butter IV: co2, etc.

  Bag breathing.   Bag breathing?!   Bag breathing. Seemingly, a viable way to put more CO2 into me after feelings of anxiousness (which could be generally from losing lots of CO2 after stints of large energy expendituring with an open mouth – like talking tons or “exercising” exhaustively). Grabbing a [coffee bean] bag, sealing more »