A Play Out in the Night

Backstory: I just finished reading “Diffendoofer Day” with Brix while Shalin deadlifted in the garage. Then something called me, so I went. And as I walk/skip/run to the park down the street under blanket white, through the smell of fires keeping our neighborhood warm and snuggly, I dream – – – of hanging and swinging more »

The Antigym Expressionables 

  Common thread movement tools of Zenso What follows is a repertoire of ways to express yourself – some of them with a kettlebell. These movement behaviors seem to be to us, of immeasurable value, for antidepressionalism, art-making, strength development, & otherwise:  The Antigym Expressionables: ¤ Locomotion (crawling, walking, hiking, moseying, sprinting, carrying, cruising) ¤ more »

“Destination” Zenso

  These are trips. Maybe the destination is somewhere we’ve never been; or maybe we hit a “usual” spot but let ourselves see it, as if for the first time. The point is: We go somewhere and do something(s) –  (like Farmers Carry some kettlebells and run some stairs and take in some sky) Whatever. more »

How “good” are you, at [whatever]?

No one is either “good” or “bad”, at the Turkish Getup: we are all just doing Turkish Getups. The brain knows no difference between a “right way” and a “mistake”: in either case, the brain is engaged in some kind of a learning process. Learn to enjoy the process – and the gifts of life will more »

Awareness Through Zenso

  A    T    Z Meditation in movement [& maybe a kettlebell] ♥ outside ♥ antidepressionalism ♥      Awareness Through Zenso:   A T Z design, comes from a Zensoic idea of simple [primal, practical] movements  that can be attended to with curiosity, along with a quality-over-quantity, “no rush” attitude. Time appears to be arbitrary, more »

Zenso [zen-so]

noun 1. something to do 2. stimulative activity [of any sort] 3. antidepressional 4. that, that’s not words   verb 1. being, feeling, happening, etc. 2. “con-fidence” (from latin: with-trust), AKA: letting go 3. practicing enjoying movement – even that found in stillness 4. doing [anything], outside      

what the ***k?

Being able to do a particular act in many different ways is a sign of intelligence.   Flexibility of being in the spontaneous undercurrent of all that is, is perhaps the most harmonious thing we can offer to the happening.   Notice how I do what I do – and then explore playfully many other more »