The Antigym Expressionables 

  Common thread movement tools of Zenso What follows is a repertoire of ways to express yourself – some of them with a kettlebell. These movement behaviors seem to be to us, of immeasurable value, for antidepressionalism, art-making, strength development, & otherwise:  The Antigym Expressionables: ¤ Locomotion (crawling, walking, hiking, moseying, sprinting, carrying, cruising) ¤ more »

“Destination” Zenso

  These are trips. Maybe the destination is somewhere we’ve never been; or maybe we hit a “usual” spot but let ourselves see it, as if for the first time. The point is: We go somewhere and do something(s) –  (like Farmers Carry some kettlebells and run some stairs and take in some sky) Whatever. more »

[more] Feldenkrais commentary

    A tweeting about Feldy-ing pronounced the  s e n s u a l i t y  possible in exploring human movement. Here’s a recent musing (written after doing Feldy) of what doing Feldy seems to be, to me: An investment in being ~ Although the what of what is happening during [or from] the more »

“Digging” movement?

We can explain what digging movement is, in as many different ways as there are people. None of which will substitute for the experience of actually enjoying it. Ever. Which makes writing about the process of digging movement a bit tricky. I’ve thought never to try, even. Alas, however: a creative process in and of itself, more »