Can we?: No Cell Phones!

Too much staring at a cell phone? It may wreck relationships or metabolism or sperm count or the brain. But hey, we may not even [care to] know we’re addicted; nor screwed. What if, it were different?? What if… we actually talked [on speakerphone] to people and shared tonalities – instead of having inefficient and more »

brain butter II: writing to your mom’s belly

Just thinking through typing. Want to get some orange-shaded or yellow-shaded sun glasses to wear [especially in the night-time] while in front of a screen (which is an anti sort of activity I’d like to be limiting anyway). Sometimes it’s evening, though, and I get the urge to write — so, I’d like to be able to more »

bra*n butter I

  “This, is the movie I want to watch, right here. The one I’m making – and watching…” Coming outside to be writing with the winding trees and Pokee speaking, “me too” ‘s. Inside technology does seem to loom, and cry: “Come back to me to let us fill your head with fears – controlling more »