Your zen? It’s Yours. Mine?

  Zenso, for me? Maybe: it’s just a feeling. ___ Yet, feelings – like the passing weather – come and go. Right now? So it seems to be, to me: Yin Yang; inner outer. Slow, fast. Zenso, goddamnit! If we just are, detached from yearning, away from all the bullshit, independent of the menagerie… if we learn more »


Gratefulness for us comes by delivery through what we call “Greats!”, a conscious decision to highlight on paper, subvocally, or out into the air a few things we are grateful for. As in: Being able to sit here like this and do wigglies and taps with fingers that produce symbolic black on screen; smiling for more »

Th^nks for the reminder*

   we[eeeeeeeeeee] What time is it? Now Who am I? This Where? Here    we[eeeeeeeeee]           ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti  (At least, this’ the way this seems, to us)

How “good” are you, at [whatever]?

No one is either “good” or “bad”, at the Turkish Getup: we are all just doing Turkish Getups. The brain knows no difference between a “right way” and a “mistake”: in either case, the brain is engaged in some kind of a learning process. Learn to enjoy the process – and the gifts of life will more »