bb xxx: note(s) to self, re: zenso, etc.

  Brix! Sometimes it may be valuable to go for a walk by yourself [under the stars or moon or in the rain or on the beach or in the shade of the redwoods], and muse, or get lost, or whatever. And sometimes it may be rejuvenatory, to think onto some paper, or something like more »

be “zenso” ?

  Z – be zenso? No, just be E – Go by feeling N – Whatever is, words are not it S – Experiment voraciously O – Ride the wave                                  the  a n t i g y m 

short answers: when?

Short answer zen; so: It seems to be self education. Voracious experimentation. Curiosity. Between the space of noticing and assigning labels, Fumbling Frightening Flying Fluttering Fraternizing Falling: Acceptance as inroad to awareness. Awareness as door to doing what you really want. Or a host of dragonfly rootbeer bubbles.

Can you see the dragon fly?

Many “wise” people it seems, have written “wise” books that take up pages upon pages, which ultimately lead to a message that I will now write in three simple words:   Treat.   Yourself.   Lovily.  

What do I do? 

It doesn’t matter to you what I do.   It only matters That it matters to me What I do.   I have an idea: Quit thinking it matters to have an opinion  on what someone else does. Opinionize yourself on the steps under your own brain. And don’t worry if you walk alone – more »

lazen forest

everything seems to be Zen weather 1 – we realize it or not: So maybe, here we are just playing with this       1 things aren’t good or bad or whatever label you affix until you think such: they just are, happening.   And it seems without other whatever other is –   without some fog to more »