Could it always be worse?


It could always be worse.

Our friend Jay calls this “rounding down” – thinking of worser case scenarios to reframe your current perspective.

In this vein, we often jot some “Greats”, a list of one or more things or people we think are GREAT right now. As in: toes that can wiggle and feel the earth; being!; fingers to eat with; eating! / food!; being able to move face muscles and make a smile!; ground to be on; the lovely skin (& under-skin) of Mrs. B; Etc.

In light of disturbing recent events like hurricanes or human-to-human maleficence (which affect real people like you and me), it can be especially valuable for reasons of compassion, happiness, strength, and so on, to reflect upon our lives as they are being lived RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT… and consider what we have now that we can feel GREAT about.

I’ve heard some people call this the Gratitude Attitude. Shawn Achor writes about the power of this kind of practice in his “Happiness Advantage“. Amy Cuddy speaks to the idea of [re]framing perspective in her TED Talk on “power posing“. Others just know from experience that thinking good thoughts or acting happy moves ON PURPOSE leads to actions and outcomes we can feel good about. Or at least, a Positive Mental Attitude offers us the chance of life experienced in lights that don’t completely suck.

Because there do seem to be a lot things about our country and world that suck!

But that doesn’t mean we have to go around perpetuating the malaise. Also it doesn’t mean we have to repeat the mistakes of our less-than-thoughtful moments.

Perhaps contrarily we could “Embrace The Suck”.

What do you think?

This was offered by our friend Jay and I will interpret it as an attitude of accepting whatever the shit seems to be. Maybe this means taking in even that which truly appears to blow – in order to see that even the gale and thunder offers an option for wondering that without the dark, what would be sun? Without death, what would be life? Without things that suck, what would be things that don’t?