A few things [you may want] to remember, at Zenso

*Embrace your “what-the-fuck??!”; get to know your weird; dig being; let nature.

*Explore many possibilities and alternative ways of doing particular actions; with curiosity experiment, act, be; celebrate making mistakes; wonder; enjoy novelty.IMG_0127.JPG

*Right for you, right now, is different than right for anyone else – trust the peaceful glow amidst the noise; discover the pleasure in what is being done: sense something

(and this sensing, can be given a slowing-down kind of quality – in order to lessen imperceptibility and magnify / amplify that which is noticed)

*notice these happenings like watchin’ the clouds – wonderingly, acceptingly;

*give yourself the gift of time and attention… let learning produce itself as a by-way of your happy [silly?] presence.

*Offer humor into the equation or else shit’s fucked!


Ride The Wave.